5 Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

A fun addition to any home is a swimming pool, but building it isn’t the easiest task because it requires you to be well informed before you start. Therefore, if you’re considering building a swimming pool, read the following lines to find out the 5 things to know before starting this process.

1. The shape and size will influence the costs of building the pool

You might want to build the pool of your dreams, but you have to take the costs into account as well. Before you start building the pool, establish a budget for it. This way you will be able to decide on the size and shape of the swimming pool easier. Of course, a bigger pool that has a weird shape will cost more, while a simple, rectangular shaped pool of medium dimensions will cost less.

2. The location of the pool mustn’t be close to trees

After you have decided the shape and size of the swimming pool, you have to find the perfect location for it. When choosing the location, make sure that you avoid areas with tall trees. Otherwise, you will be faced with leaves and junk that will fall from the trees in the pool. This will make your job of keeping the pool clean a lot harder.

3. Select the right pool pump

To make sure that you are choosing the right pool pump, you have to consider buying a variable speed type that you can program to run at the ideal speed and duration. Selecting the right pool pump is important due to the fact that the pump helps clear debris from the water. Also, it keeps the chemicals properly mixed. To buy a quality, variable speed pump, be prepared to spend at least $1100.

4. You will need to invest in a robot pool cleaner

To be able to use the pool, you must keep it clean. This chore can prove to be very tiring and time-consuming. Therefore, before you build the pool, put a robot pool cleaner on your list of pool expenses as well. There are automatic pool cleaners specially designed for above ground or in-ground pool cleaning, so no matter what shape you choose, you will surely find the right robot pool cleaner for your swimming pool. Generally, these robots cost at least $300, and the pricier models can reach over $1000. But they are a necessity for pool owners due to the fact that they clean the pool on their own, without needing human intervention. Therefore, if you want to keep the surfaces and water of your pool clean without wasting any of your time on this, put a robot pool cleaner on the list of items that you must buy.

5. Led lighting is a must if you want to use the pool at night

If you build a swimming pool, you surely want to use it anytime you’re in the mood. For this to be possible, you must install led lighting because the exterior lights won’t be enough. Installing led lighting inside the pool will make the experience of using the pool at night a lot safer, ensuring that you have a clear view of the pool at all times.