Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

When you own a home swimming pool, keeping it clean should be a top priority if you want to enjoy the best of it and prolong its durability. Inground pools are popular choices for those who want a quality pool that will remain in their garden forever but in order for it to remain in perfect condition, it will need a robotic pool cleaner to take care of the impurities. Without a doubt, the following automatic pool cleaners are the best ones that can take good care of your inground pool and keep the water crystal clean.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830

This is a large unit that can handle large inground pools with ease and in a short amount of time. Its footprint measures 19” x 19” so it will have the job done in no time, being the perfect aid in cleaning very large pools of all shapes. The pool cleaner filters the water and collects the dirt and debris in a large filter that can be easily removed and cleaned to maintain a great performance. It also scrubs the dirt off using the large brushes that can remove even the most stubborn dirt. It easily reaches the pool bottom and goes up on the walls to make sure the surface remains clean. For added convenience, the unit can be programmed to start the cleaning at a certain time so you can set it to work when no one is using the pool. Thanks to the remote control and the on-spot cleaning, you can direct it towards stains it leaves behind. The spiced price of $1,900 can often enjoy discounts that reduce it to around $1,200 and you will also get a transport caddy and an extra filter for the money.

Polaris Model F9450 Sport

Another large unit with a powerful motor that captures even the largest debris is this one that can be easily used in inground swimming pools. It’s bulky but this helps it clean pools up to 50 feet in size without much effort and in a short time. The large and tough brushes allow it to remove dirt and algae from the pool’s floor and walls and everything goes in the large filter placed at the top of the unit for easy access. The adherent wheels enable it to climb the pool walls with ease and it can even go over the steps although some designs can make it flip over. Still, it never gets tangled in its own cord so you won’t have to keep an eye on it. In can also be programmed when to start the pool cleaning and it comes with a caddy and a filter for the price of $1,055.

2 thoughts on “Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

  1. I like more the Pentair Kreepy Krauly because it’s more compact but I don’t see whether it can go over steps and the waterline the same as the Polaris F9450. Can you tell me if it can?

    1. Hi, Trisha. From what we could tell, the Pentair Kreepy Krauly cleans the waterline very well, regardless the pool material. The steps, however, are a bit tricky so you might want to brush them off yourself before starting the pool cleaner. It can do the bottom steps very well but it has troubles if the top fan comes out of the water.

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