In-Ground vs Above Ground Pools

Home swimming pools are great entertainment assets that can make your hot summer days more pleasant and relaxing. There are two types of swimming pools, either in-ground or above ground, and choosing the one for your home depends on some aspects that involve budget, space, and personal preferences. If you are not sure which one to choose, perhaps our article will serve as a guide for finding the perfect pool for your house.

Building time

In what concerns the in-ground pools, they take more time to be built because they require a foundation, a sturdy base, and various coats of materials that will ensure water seal. You will have to contract a team that will plan the process, take care of the permits and estimate a building time. With above ground pools, things are easier because you can buy them and have them installed in a few hours, depending on the size.


This is the part where the two pool types differ so much that you will simply have to make a choice depending on your budget. Above ground pools cost between $1,500 and $4,500 depending on the size and quality while the average in-ground pool costs around $25,000 and can reach as high as $50,000.


Most above ground pools come in standard sizes but they vary so much that it’s impossible not to find the one that will meet your needs. You can opt for kid-size pools or large models that will fit all your family and friends so you won’t have to worry about size. When you build your in-ground pool, you will choose the size yourself so we are talking about absolute freedom. However, in both cases, size will not be an issue.


If you put a high price on design, the in-ground pool will satisfy your taste for sophistication as you can opt for any shape you want. Although building a pool with an unusual shape will cost more because the project will be more complex, at the end, you will have a stylish swimming pool. Above ground models have limited shapes that don’t complement the aspect of your garden very much.

Permanent or temporary

This detail is another benchmark when it comes to choosing your pool type. If you are planning to remove the pool at some point, you will go for the above ground model that is easier to install and uninstall. But if you want one that will remain in your garden, regardless your exterior changes, the in-ground pool is what you need.