Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine Pool

Everybody’s dream is to have a swimming pool, but it’s quite difficult to achieve this goal if you don’t have a bit of knowledge about a pool’s maintenance.

Moreover, you may have some doubts about the water pool’s quality. As such, keep on reading, if you want to find out more about the salt water pool and the chlorine pool.

Salt water pools

You should know that salt water pools have chlorine in them, but the chlorine level is lower than in a traditional chlorinated one. Moreover, the chlorine found in a salt water pool is created from chemical electrolysis, which occurs within a salt water generator that is part of the system. Nowadays, plenty of pool owners are opting for salt water pools, because these are less drying to the skin. On the other hand, salt water pools will be more expensive than chlorine pools because they are using a salt water generator. The salt water generator produces a constant flow of chlorine. Furthermore, this unit will stop algae build-up and lengthens the life of the pool. However, if you are thinking about building a salt water pool, you should also know that there are some electrical costs of keeping the generator operating regularly.

There are many pool maintenance experts who believe that a normal generator should run for 10 to 12 hours daily in the summer and for five hours in the winter. That’s why is very important to monitor your generator when you use it for the first time because you don’t want to spend the electricity if it doesn’t do anything. Moreover, most people opt for a salt water pool, because cleaning this type of pool is only required once a year. The cleaning process involves changing filters, draining the pool, inspecting the chlorine generator and scrubbing surfaces. On the other hand, it’s recommended to use a robotic pool cleaner, which will help you maintain the pool clean and safe.

Chlorine pool

Firstly, you need to know that chlorine pool is much cheaper than a salt water pool. However, it is much harder to maintain it clean constantly, because the pH balance in chlorine pool is not consistent, and this will require vigilance to keep it maintained. Moreover, before you build a chlorine pool you should know that chlorine pools need constant maintenance, while the salt water pools can stay clean with less effort due to the regular flow of chlorine from the generator. As such, every 4 weeks, you have to shock your pool and kill the algae and any other bacteria. On the other hand, due to its higher level of chlorine, you skin can be damaged and you can also present eye irritation.