Unique Pool Design Ideas

Most people choose simple pool designs that don’t add to the beauty of the exterior design of their house but there are others who want to turn their pool into a stunning part of their home. For them, we have gathered some unique pool designs that will amaze with their interesting shapes and carefully chosen decorations.

Fun at height

Above ground pools can be as stunning as the in-ground ones even if they come in limited shapes if you know how to decorate them. This one is a gorgeous assembly consisting of a platform surrounded by a white fence that serves for protection as well as for design. The centerpiece of the pool are the beautiful flowers that surround it to mask the base and to create a beautiful contrast with the white fence. On top of the platform, there are a table and chairs so you can relax in the sun once you get out of the pool.

Luxury and elegance

Besides the interesting shape of this pool, the stone tiles create a luxurious design that compliments any house. It’s suitable for large yards as the pool itself takes plenty of space and there is also a large surface that surrounds the pool that is also covered in stone tiles. The natural aspect is maintained by the beautiful flowers and greenery planted on the sides and the waterfall is another detail that captures the eye.

Gorgeous view

This is a version of a covered in-ground pool, but it can also be designed in open space. It’s a rounded pool shape with an additional small pool that children can safely use. What makes this pool so stunning is the view that can be enjoyed through the glass windows and that is brought inside as well through the greenery placed on the sides of the pool. The design is completed by some tables with chairs placed discreetly alongside the pool.

Glass transparency

This is truly a unique pool design that differs from the rest through the materials choice. It is made of glass that offers a gorgeous view to the deep blue of the water. On one side, there is a stone wall with a water feature that flows water to the pool and on another side, you can see some small white stones used for decorative purposes.