What Causes Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water doesn’t only ruin the appearance of your gorgeous pool, but it makes it dangerous for you to use the pool as well. The unhealthy and unpleasant looking water can cause discomfort and swollen eyes. To make sure that cloudy pool water won’t be an occurrence that you will have to face, read the following lines to find out what exactly causes it. This way you will have better chances to prevent it from happening.

Filtration issues

If the filter system is faulty and doesn’t operate properly, the pool’s water will turn cloudy. Also, the cloudy water can be caused by the fact that you are not running the filtration system as required. Every day, the filter system should run for 8 to 10 hours. After all, the purpose of this filter is to constantly clean your pool, preventing problems like cloudy water from occurring.

The surrounding environment

The environment that surrounds the pool can be a key element in the appearance of cloudy water. For example, if there are trees, birds, and a lot of flowers around the pool, the pool will be affected by these external factors and the water will become cloudy due to contamination. Other environmental factors that might cause cloudy pool water are constructions, the sun, and bad weather.

Pool chemicals

If there is an imbalance in the amount of chemicals in your pool, the water will inevitably become cloudy. The imbalances that we are talking about include low chlorine levels, high chlorine levels, alkalinity, high calcium hardness levels, and high pH. If the chemical balances aren’t right, the contaminants and the dangerous particles will multiply in the water, causing the appearance of cloudy water.

Shocking the pool

Once per week, it’s recommended that you super chlorinate or shock the pool. This keeps the pool safe to use, eliminating any bacteria and unwanted contaminants from the water. However, the process of shocking the pool might cause the water to turn cloudy. But this is just a temporary occurrence, and you should wait until the cloudiness passes on its own. For the water to clear up easily after shocking it, make sure that you keep the filter system running.