How many gallons in a 12×24 pool

How many Litres is a 12×24 pool?

Liters of water in my pool?Pool size in feet5 FootRound2149,000Round2464,000Round2797,764Oval12x2436,500Ещё 17 строк

How many gallons is my pool calculator?

Length x width x depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons)

Length times width gives the surface area of the pool. Multiplying that by the depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Since there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot, multiply the cubic feet of the pool by 7.5 to arrive at the volume of the pool, expressed in gallons.

How many gallons is a 12×30 pool?

Jessica, By my estimation, it holds about 2,100 gallons. The size just above this one holds 2,500 gallons.

How many gallons are in a 24 foot above ground pool?

WATER CAPACITY OF MY POOLAboveground Pool Sizes48 Inch Deep52 Inch Deep24 Ft Round11,895 gallons13,595 gallons27 Ft Round15,050 gallons17,205 gallons30 Ft Round18,585 gallons21,240 gallons33 Ft Round22,485 gallons25,700 gallonsЕщё 19 строк

How many gallons is a 16×32 pool?

Standard In-Ground Pool Volumes in Gallons by Size14x2810,30011,80015×3011,80013,50016×3213,40015,40018×3617,00019,400Ещё 8 строк

What size is a 10000 gallon pool?

Common Pool Sizes and Its Capacity In GallonsPool SizeUS Gallons12 ft x24 ft Oval6,40015 ft x24 ft Oval8,00015 ft x 30 ft Oval10,00018 ft x 33 ft Oval13,000Ещё 8 строк

How many gallons is a 21 foot pool?

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool?SIZEGALLONS OF WATER15′ Round5,31018′ Round7,64621′ Round10,40724′ Round13,593Ещё 6 строк

How much shock do I need for a 10000 gallon pool?

To shock your pool, use 2 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water, which should raise your chlorine to 10.0 ppm. Depending on your pool, you can use Leslie’s Power Powder Plus or Leslie’s Chlor Brite. After shocking the pool, run the circulation system for at least 2 hours before adding an algaecide.25 мая 2017 г.

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How big is a 7500 gallon pool?

Pool Capacity CheatsheetPoolsize RoundCapacity (Gallons)Poolsize Oval15 Round5,00010×15, 10×1618 Round7,50010×21, 12×1821 Round10,00012×20, 12×2124 Round13,00012×24, 14×20Ещё 5 строк

How many gallons of water does it take to fill up a pool?

18,000-20,000 gallons

How big is a 12ft by 30in pool?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Intex 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool with Filter PumpIntex Round Prism Frame Pool Set | 12ft x 30″ | 26711EH modelItem Dimensions144.00 x 144.00 x 30.00 inches144.00 x 144.00 x 30.00 inchesItem Weight49.10 lbs57.00 lbsMaterialSteelSteelSize12 ft x 30 in12ft X 30inЕщё 6 строк

How deep is the water in a 30 inch pool?

12’x36″ = 29″ water depth. 15’x33″ = 27″ water depth. 15’x36″ = 30″ water depth. 15’x42″ = 36″ water depth.

How much does it cost to fill a 10000 gallon pool?

Determine CostGallons Of WaterCost To Fill With Water5,000$4510,000$9015,000$13520,000$180

How many bags of salt do I need for a 15000 gallon pool?

nine bags

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