How much does a shipping container pool cost

Are shipping container pools good?

They make excellent lap pools

The rectangular shape and vast length of these pools make them excellent for racing and swimming laps. Circular pools are often good enough for swimming laps as well, but shipping containers can provide the length that you need for quality training.

How much does it cost to ship a swimming pool?

If you are purchasing the pool from pool contractors that have them stocked on their property, you should expect to pay $1,000 – $1,8000 for the cost of shipping that pool . . . they utilized “Tag Along Shipping).

How deep is a shipping container pool?

about 4.5 feet

Do shipping container pools rust?

Ideally, the container should be rust free and in very good condition. But if there are some minor rust spots, they’ll need to be properly treated. … The container is then plumbed with a filtration system and filled with water, just like any other type of pool.

What is a Modpool?

Called Modpool, the Canadian brand creates “relocatable hot pools” that boast quick set up and the ability to increase water temperature by 86 degrees in a single hour. The hot tub and pool area can be separated in the winter, so the Modpool gets you both types of pools at one price.

How long can a shipping container last?

10-12 years

What’s the cheapest inground pool?

Basic vinyl liner pools are the least expensive inground swimming pool option. Vinyl liner swimming pools give you more swim area for the money and cost you less initially than a fiberglass pool or gunite pool.

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Is a pool worth the money?

Real Estate Value

Despite what you may have heard in the past, YES, an inground swimming pool does increase the value of your home. … A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors stated that on average, an inground swimming pool will increase a home’s value by 4–6%.

How much does a 12 x24 inground pool cost?

The average cost of an inground, 12’x24′ fiberglass pool is around $50,000.

How close to a house can a pool be?

25 feet

Can a shipping container hold water?

While containers are designed to be watertight from the outside, they generally aren’t designed to hold water on the inside. Shipping containers are generally lined with plywood which isn’t the best at holding water, so you’ll need to add an extra layer to keep your pool full.

Can shipping container pools be in ground?

Shipping container pools can be in-ground too

At around 2.4m in height and width, and anywhere from 6-12m in length, a converted shipping container can be an easy solution for your yard. They are super durable and have such a sturdy structure, which makes them ideal for re-purposing into swimming pools.

What are shipping container pools lined with?

Typically, they weld another layer of steel inside the corrugated steel walls to make the shipping container watertight from the inside. That second layer of steel adds a great amount of weight to the pool. Some shipping container pools are then lined with a fiberglass shell.

How deep is a mod pool?

The patent-pending Modpools come in two sizes ⏤ 8×20-feet or 8×40-feet ⏤ and are 5’2″ deep (so no diving!). They’re outfitted with eight jacuzzi jets, color-changing LEDs, and a powerful heater that can turn the whole thing into a giant hot tub at the touch of a button.

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