How much is a doughboy pool

What is the average cost of a Doughboy pool?

The average above ground pool kit costs $1,500 without installation and ranges from $850 to $8,200 depending upon the brand, size, and any additional features.

Average Above Ground Pool Cost.National Average Cost$2,811Minimum Cost$720Maximum Cost$11,200Average Range$1,850 to $4,977

Are Doughboy pools worth extra money?

Conclusion. I have nothing against Doughboy Pools, they make great above ground pools, but they are just too much money. Their resin pools cost way to much, and they don’t offer an aluminum wall. You may find their prices more competitive in your area of the country.

How long do Doughboy pools last?

25 years

How much does it cost to get a above ground pool?

Building an Above Ground PoolBuilding an above ground pool costsNational average cost$11,000Average range$10,000 – $12,000Minimum cost$1,500Maximum cost$16,000

Which is better steel or resin pools?

Cost and Durability. Resin pools are typically more expensive than galvanized steel pools, but they’re also rust and corrosion free. While the zinc coating on galvanized steel pools adds a layer of protection against moisture, this coating breaks down over time and rust may occur.

Do dark pool liners make water warmer?

Deep Blue- A darker liner is more likely to absorb sunlight, and therefore can help to warm your pool water. Darker liners will also make it more difficult to see debris and dirt in your pool.

What is the best pool brand?

  • 3.1 Intex Metal Frame Pool Set.
  • 3.2 Intex XTR Pool.
  • 3.3 Intex Metal Frame Pool.
  • 3.4 Summer Waves Wicker Print.
  • 3.5 Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set.
  • 3.6 Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover.
  • 3.7 Intex Prism Frame.
  • 3.8 Bestway Power Steel Oval Frame.
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What is the best above ground pool for the money?

The 7 Best Above Ground Swimming Pools Are:

  • Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set: Best Above Ground Salt Water Pool.
  • Intex Easy Set: Best Cheap & Small Above Ground Pool.
  • Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set: Best Rectangle Above Ground Pool.
  • Ipool Deluxe: Best Deep Above Ground Swimming Pool.

Is Doughboy the best above ground pool?

Doughboy Swimming Pools are one of the highest quality above ground swimming pools on the market. I work for a business that has sold this brand for the last 20 years. The heavy steel construction along with the 7′ deep end option sets these pools apart from the rest.

How much does your homeowners insurance go up with a pool?

According to Zacks Investment Research, insurance companies typically recommend increasing liability coverage from $100,000 to $500,000 when installing a swimming pool. In states where swimming pools aren’t standard, Zacks says, such an increase might add $50 to $75 to a homeowner’s insurance annual premium.

How do you maintain a Doughboy pool?


  1. Run the pool filter everyday, for 12-18 hours daily.
  2. Water level should be around mid-skimmer; not too high, not too low.
  3. Test pH level, should be between 7.4-7.6.
  4. Test chlorine level, should be between 2.0-4.0 ppm.
  5. Empty skimmer and pump baskets, as needed.

Where are Doughboy pools made?

All of our Doughboy Pools are made in the Doughboy 660,000 sq-ft manufacturing facilities in Arkansas USA, where all of the time Doughboy are exploring new design concepts and product advances.

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What’s the cheapest inground pool?

Basic vinyl liner pools are the least expensive inground swimming pool option. Vinyl liner swimming pools give you more swim area for the money and cost you less initially than a fiberglass pool or gunite pool.

What is the deepest above ground pool?

You may be thinking above ground pools cannot be that deep, but they can actually go as far down as 8 feet or more! This is due to the elasticity of the vinyl liners. The vinyl liner can accommodate a space that may not be shaped exactly like a perfect pool. When installing, make sure it is over a gradual slope.

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