How rack pool balls

What is the proper way to rack pool balls?

Racking up a standard 8 ball game in pool

  1. Get the rack or triangle and place it on the pool table.
  2. Place the Yellow No. …
  3. Ensure that the Black 8 ball is in the middle of the pack.
  4. Ensure the balls in the bottom left and bottom right corners are a solid and a stripe. …
  5. You can now place all the other balls at random.

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How do you rack 8 ball pool balls?


  1. The 8 ball must be in the center of the rack (the second ball in the three balls wide row).
  2. The first ball must be placed at the apex position (front of the rack and so the center of that ball is directly over the table’s foot spot ).
  3. The two corner balls must be a stripe and a solid.

How many balls are in a pool rack?

Eight-ball (also spelled 8-ball or eightball, and sometimes called solids and stripes, spots and stripes of highs and lows) is a pool billiards played on a billiard table with six pockets, cue sticks, and sixteen billiard balls: a cue ball and fifteen object ball s.

What ball goes on the dot in pool?

Line the apex (the first ball) up with the middle diamond on the side of the pool table. The center of the first ball should be in the middle of the table at one quarter of the length. Some tables have this spot marked with a small dot. Make sure that the balls are tightly packed together.

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Why do billiard balls turn yellow?

Most billiard balls are made of hard plastic materials that are resistant to cracking and chipping. As sometimes happens with plastics, over time exposure to UV light, combined with exposure to heat and oxygen, can cause a process called photodegradation through photooxidation.

What does chalk do in pool?

This prevents the cue from sliding off the ball prematurely, ruining the shot (called a ‘miscue’). Over time, the tip of a pool stick becomes worn and smooth from use. Chalk provides the friction necessary to make a shot.

Can you move the white ball in pool?

touches or moves any ball. The only ball contact allowed during a shot is a single hit of the cue tip onto the cue ball during stroke impact. NOTE – in some leagues and tournaments, only “cue ball fouls” are penalized. In this case if you accidentally touch or move a ball other than the cue ball, there is no penalty.

Can you hit the white ball backwards in pool?

World rules stipulate that white ball potted of the break is one shot open table and your allowed too shoot backwards. As long as the white ball relain a behind the baulk line.

Do you get 2 shots on the 8 ball?

8 ball-pool Rules

A minimum of four balls must hit a cushion otherwise it is a foul break. … The eight-ball must be the last ball potted to win the game. 5. In the event of a foul, the opposing player receives two shots and these shots carry (i.e. if a ball is potted on the first shot, the player still has two shots).

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Do you get 2 shots on the black pool?

it’s technically not two shots. The shot immediately following the foul is a free shot, from where the ball lies. “not ball in hand”. this would allow you to break out a tied up ball even the eight ball.

Do you lose if you sink the white ball on the black?

If you are playing 8 ball pool by International rules, then it means that the player, who pocketed the balls, has lost. Because the rule says, if you pocket the white ball after pocketing the black (in 8 ball pool) you have lost.

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