How to become a pool cleaner

How do I become a certified pool cleaner?

Certification can be achieved by either attending a 2-day class taught by an NSPF ® Certified Instructor or the combination of Pool Operator Primer® and Pool Operator Fusion®. Pass the open book exam and earn CPO® Certification. Check out our schedule for the next class in your area.

How profitable is a pool cleaning business?

How much profit can a pool cleaning business make? A pool service business owner will make about $50 to $60 per hour cleaning pools. Working full time, this comes to $2,000 to $2,400 per week. (There may not be full-time work available in the offseason).

What equipment do I need to start a pool cleaning business?

You’ll need:

  • A vehicle large enough to transport your equipment.
  • A trailer for the equipment if your current vehicle isn’t large enough.
  • Business insurance.
  • Water-testing kits.
  • Pool-cleaning chemicals.
  • Skimmers and brushes.
  • Leaf rakes.
  • Company branded T-shirts or hats.

How do I start my own pool service?

How to Successfully Start a Pool Cleaning Business

  1. Get pool cleaning and service experience.
  2. Know your pool and spa chemistry.
  3. Get a good client relationship manager (CRM)
  4. Practice diligence and customer service from day one.
  5. Build a brand for your business.
  6. Get the technical business out of the way.

How do I market my pool cleaning business?

Local marketing opportunities for pool maintenance business owners

  1. Partner with local pool supply stores. Talk to pool supply stores in your area. …
  2. Get your pool business listed on local search directories. …
  3. Optimize your website for local search.

29 мая 2017 г.

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How long is a CPO certification good for?

five years

How often should pool guy come?

Professional pool maintenance can help keep your pool clean on a weekly or monthly basis. Most people will hire a company to come out once a week to check levels 1 of chemicals, clean the pool, and empty the filter basket. This service costs around $50 to $120 a month on average.

How long does it take to clean a pool?

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost Guide/ChartType of maintenanceWhen to do itBrushing2-3 times per weekVacuumingOnce per weekRunning filter8 hours dailyCleaning filterEvery 1-3 months

How often should pool be cleaned?

Every two months, you should close your pool for 2-3 days and perform these tasks: Use filter cleaner and degreaser to clean your filters and remove built up grease and oil. Dose your pool with a flock or metal remover. Allow this to work for 2-3 days, then vacuum the pool.

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