How to clean pebble tec pool surface

How do I remove stains from my Pebble Tec pool?

Acid washing is a process that is done on a pebble tec® or plaster pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is drained and the sides scrubbed. Then a solution of muriatic acid and water is applied to remove the top coat of the pool.

How do you clean a pebble pool?

How To Clean A Pebblecrete Pool

  1. Drain The Pool Completely. …
  2. Break Out Your Pool Cleaner Or Liquid Chlorine And Start Scrubbing. …
  3. Use A Pressure Washer For Better Results. …
  4. Consider Acid Washing For Black Stains Or Significant Stains. …
  5. Avoid Future Stains By Keeping Your Pool And Water Clean.

Can you power wash Pebble Tec?

You shouldn’t have to pressure wash a Pebble Tec pool very often. The pebble finish are resistant to staining, as long as you keep your pool pH at the right level. Check your pH daily and adjust as necessary to prevent staining.

What is the best pool cleaner for Pebble Tec?

The 5 Best Pool Cleaners for Pebble Tec Pools:

  1. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner – Top Pick. Check Latest Price on Amazon. …
  2. Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner. Check Latest Price on Amazon. …
  3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 – Best Value. Check Latest Price on Amazon. …
  4. Hayward Poolvergnuegen “The Pool Cleaner” …
  5. Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Pool Vacuum.

Does Pebble Tec have a lifetime warranty?

Pebble Tec also provides a lifetime warranty in Florida. Choices: Pebble Tec offers five distinct pool finishes: PebbleTec, PebbleSheen®, PebbleFina®, and PebbleBrilliance™ offer a wide variety of visually stunning, nature-inspired colors that blend beautifully into any outdoor environment.

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Should I acid wash my Pebble Tec pool?

Because of the Valley’s hard water and high summer pool evaporation, we recommended you drain and acid wash your pool every two to four years to help remove excess calcium, algae and other contaminates that may lead to interior pool staining and that unsightly white ring on your pool tile and pebble-tec surface.

Can you acid wash a pool without draining it?

A No-Drain Acid Wash is a term coined for a pool plaster cleaning or descaling process, without draining the pool water. Essentially, the pH of the pool water is reduced to a very acidic level of around 1.0, and an alkalinity level close to zero.

What is the best pool stain remover?

Best pool stain removers – Buying Guide

  • SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill.
  • Leisure Time 30210A Defender Spa and Hot Tub Stain and Scale Cleaner, 32 fl oz.
  • SpaGuard Spa Stain/Scale Control – Quart.
  • EasyCare 20064 Scaletec Plus Descaler and Stain Remover, 64 oz.

How do you get stains out of a Fibreglass pool?

Rubbing the stained area with sponge, warm water and soap or liquid dish detergent helps remove light stains. Make sure the area is rinsed properly later to ensure there are no suds in the pool.

Does Pebble Tec last longer than plaster?

Pebble Tec is extremely durable. Compared to plaster pools that only last between 6-8 years, Pebble Tec pool finishes can last from 10-15 years.

Can Pebble Tec pools be drained?

Webster warns against emptying the pool during summer: Don’t empty a plaster pool if it’s 90 degrees or higher or a pebble tec pool if it’s hotter than 95 degrees―the heat could cause cracking. While you’re at it, have that white line sandblasted. … Sandblasting costs about $3 per linear foot.

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How often should you acid wash your pool?

every five to seven years

Can you use a wire brush on Pebble Tec?

Depending on your water source; you may need to add pH reducer to your new plaster or Pebble Tec 2 to 3 times per week during the first month. … Be sure to use only a nylon pool brush, never use a steel bristled pool brush on a Pebble Tec surface. Calcium scale can dull the finish of a pebble surface.

How long does it take Pebble Tec to cure?

approximately 30 days

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