How to drain water out of pool

How much water should I drain from my pool?

It’s acceptable to drain the pool a few more inches below that if you live in an area that gets heavy precipitation during the winter months. Some pool professionals even suggest draining the water to as much as 6 inches below the skimmer — about the level of the bottom of the pool’s return jet.

How do I get rid of the last 2 inches of water in my pool?

Since both draining methods will not drain pool water to the last bit, you need to remove the extra liquid left at the bottom.

To do so, you can:

  1. Use a wet vacuum to suck the stagnant water.
  2. Sweep the liquid into the drain.
  3. Remove the pool liner and flip it over somewhere your property to get rid of extra water.

How do you siphon water with a hose without using your mouth?

How to siphon without sucking

  1. Attach the hose to the tap and the nozzle to the hose.
  2. Run some water through the hose to fill it with water.
  3. Close the nozzle. …
  4. Remove the hose from the tap, holding the open end up to prevent any water from spilling out. …
  5. Carry both ends of the hose to the place where you’d like the water to drain to.

Should I drain my pool to get rid of algae?


Depending on factors like water temperature, the amount of solids in the pool, and the capabilities of your pool filter system, the process can take 3 days or 3 weeks. Start up the Filter – Without a properly working filter, the water will never clear.

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Can I drain my pool water on the lawn?

Flooding Your Grass Is Not A Good Idea

The problem with draining your pool in the yard, if permitted by your local water regulatory laws, is that it will quickly reach its saturation level and increase the risk of flooding your lawn, drowning the roots of your grass, and attracting mosquitoes.

When should you drain your pool?

Even with proper and regular pool maintenance, it’s often necessary to drain your pool — completely or partially — every 3-5 years. Draining your pool often isn’t necessary, especially if you’re following a proper and regular pool maintenance program.

How do you drain a pool after heavy rain?

How to Drain Water from Your Pool after Rain

  1. Clean the Pool Deck. Sweep up debris from the pool deck, and use a garden hose to clean it of dirt. …
  2. Manually Remove Debris from the Pool. …
  3. Turn On the Pump and Filter. …
  4. Brush the Pool. …
  5. Vacuum the Pool. …
  6. Drain Some of the Water from the Pool. …
  7. Test and Balance the Water.

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