How to fold an intex pool for storage

Can you leave an Intex pool up year round?

In warmer climates, Intex advises to keep your pool up, if you prefer. However, you must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the winter. If your area maintains tropical climates all year long, you may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis.

How should I store my above ground pool?

Drain and Dry

You’ll always want to make sure that your pool is completely dry before you try to store it; if you don’t, mold and bacteria will grow in the time that it is in storage. Leave your pool out in the sun and completely drain all of the water.7 дней назад

What is best to put under an Intex pool?

Flat and Level Ground. Level ground is very important, if off by just 1-2 inches, a soft-sided pool can roll towards one side, which puts stress on the pool, and could lead to a blow out. This is the most important step in setting up an Intex pool! … Add a one inch layer of sand.

How long will an Intex pool last?

Above ground pools last about 10 years on average.

Some cheap pools can last less than 1 day when not taken care of, while some better-built pools can last up to 20 years when taken care of in the right climate.

Can u leave a Intex pool up in winter?

Leaving your Intex pool out in colder temperatures can completely rupture your pool lining. That’s a mess you don’t want to clean up or repair. … This is why the Intex pools manufacturer strongly recommends draining and disassembling your pool if the temperatures in your area drop to or below 41°F (5°C). And so do we.

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Should I take my above ground pool down for the winter?

Properly closing above ground pools protects them from debris and harsh winter weather. This helps reduce the time and money needed to open your pool in the spring. You’ll also eliminate additional electrical and chemical costs by closing the pool and avoid possible freeze damage to equipment and plumbing.

Should I drain above ground pool for winter?

Important: Never completely drain an above ground pool. This can cause your pool to collapse. If your pool is plumbed with detachable, flexible hoses, remove them and store for the winter. … Basically you’ll need to drain them so there is no water in them that could freeze and damage the pump or filter.

Do above ground pools freeze in the winter?

Yes, saltwater pools will also freeze solid during winter. The added salt however will allow the pool to remain liquid a few degrees below 32°, but it will freeze solid too, just like a non saltwater pool.

Should I put a tarp under my Intex pool?

Can I Put Tarp Under My Pool? Yes, in some cases, using tarp as an underlayment could be fine as long as you have removed any sharp debris and rocks underneath the above-ground pool. The tarp, however, won’t offer much smoothness to the pool floor so it may help to also add a layer of sand as well.

Can you put an Intex pool on grass?

Installing an above-ground pool on a natural grass lawn is not a good idea, particularly if you plan on taking down the pool for part of the year. There are several reasons why natural grass and above-ground pools do not mix well, but one of the most important is that the pool is going to kill the grass.

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Should I put sand under my Intex pool?

The folks at Intex are fairly clear that you should NOT put sand under your pool. The sand can easily wash away, causing voids under your pool and risking your pool leaning and even collapsing.

How do you winterize a small above ground pool?

10 Steps to Winterize Above Ground Swimming Pools

  1. Balanced Water Chemistry. The first step before closing the pool is to balance the water chemistry about a week before you are ready to close. …
  2. Shock the Pool. …
  3. Clean the Pool. …
  4. Remove Accessory Items. …
  5. Lower Water Level. …
  6. Drain & Plug the Pipes. …
  7. Drain the Equipment. …
  8. Lubricate O-rings.

How do I get the wrinkles out of my Intex pool?

The trick is begin filling the pool with water (a regular garden hose is fine, more than one will fill more quickly), then get into the pool after the level reaches about one inch. Leave the water on, and get down to your knees and work the wrinkles out by hand.

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