How to make a whelping box out of a kiddie pool

Can I use a kiddie pool as a whelping box?

How to make a whelping box out of a plastic kiddie swimming pool: The plastic swimming pool is a favorite for those with limited funds, and is my personal option. They are easy to clean and have raised areas—often shaped like little fish—that help the puppies get a grip as they motor around the whelping pool.

What is the best thing to use in a whelping box?

Many breeders use shredded newspaper to line whelping boxes, but others prefer towels and blankets, wood shavings, or even sand. You should consider all options and select materials that match needs at specific times during your puppy-rearing experience.

Is a whelping box necessary?

Why You Need (Yes, NEED) A Whelping Box

The whelping box safeguards the health of your dog as she waits to whelp and can save the lives of her puppies as she begins to care for them. … If she can’t find what she is looking for, it may interfere with the ease of the whelping process and the health of the puppies.

Why is my dog trying to bury her puppies?

Mother canines can reject their puppies for a variety of reasons and then try and bury them away from the other puppies in their litter. … It could be an indication something is wrong with the puppy or the mother herself. If she is not producing healthy milk she may bury her young expecting them not to survive.

How long do puppies stay in a whelping box?

As soon as the puppies’ eyes open, they rapidly begin to mature physically. By two weeks of age, they should be alert and trying to stand. By three weeks, they should be trying to climb out of their nest or whelping box. By four weeks, all the puppies should be able to walk, run, and play.

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Can you touch a newborn puppy?

Many mother dogs – especially if they are our pets – will not mind humans touching their young puppies. However, newborn puppies, like all newborns, are delicate, and it is easy to unwittingly hurt them. So, you can touch a newborn puppy, but there are factors you should consider before picking one up.

Can a whelping box be too big?

Importantly, the size should be appropriate — large enough for a dam to stretch out with some room to spare — as a box that is too large can cause her great distress. … A heat source in the center of the whelping box encourages puppies to stay away from the edges where there is greater risk for the dam to lie on them.

How do you keep a whelping box clean?

Process of keeping the whelping box clean

Wear gloves while cleaning the box to maintain your hygiene. Starting with the flooring of the whelping box is good. Make sure that there is some flooring in the whelping box as the box will have a plastic or wooden bottom which is not soft or recommended for the small pups.

Can you leave newborn puppies alone with their mom?

there should be no problem leaving the newborns alone with the mother. There are certain larger breed dogs where the newborn pups should be removed immediately after the mother ‘cleans’ them, then slowly reintroduce all of them back to the mother.

Do Father dogs know their puppies?

The father won’t know the pups are his but like the mother he may instinctively help the young in the presumption they might be his. This is usually the same with livestock (not that similar to dogs, I know). Mothers tend to be very caring and will care for the young.

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Is the first litter of puppies the best?

Most do well, but with a little care, we can help first-litter moms be as effective as an older mom in puppy care. 45 percent of the losses with females happen in first-time moms, but most breeders rarely lose a puppy with any mom because they know the issues they face and prevent them!

How high should the rails be in a whelping box?

Pig Rails: A rail or raised ledge that is 1-6 inches (height of rails off floor depends on how big the pups are. Rails should be up higher than pups up until 2-1/2 to 3 weeks of age). For a medium size dog, the rails are usually 4 inches off the floor of the box.

Are pig rails necessary in a whelping box?

Most boxes will include a low railing (termed rails, pig rails, or roll-bars) fixed to the inside perimeter of the box. This is to protect puppies from being crushed or smothered by the mother should she roll over during birthing or while asleep. This is considered especially important with larger dog breeds.

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