How to put in a pool liner

Can you install a pool liner yourself?

Installing your inground pool liner! You can certainly go ahead and do it yourself with Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast inground pool liners at your disposal.

How long does it take to put a pool liner in?

between 2-5 weeks

Can you replace a pool liner?

If you’re not sure what size liner you need, measure the pool before you begin. Most in-ground pools with liners are also the beaded type; these are easy to install. Here’s how you can replace an in-ground pool liner if you currently have one installed. You’ll need four people to assist with this job.

What is the best color for a pool liner?


Can you put a new pool liner over an old one?

It is not a good idea to leave the old pool liner in your above ground swimming pool when replacing the liner. … Installing a pool liner also requires you to redo or re-groom the bottom of the pool base and add a liner pad before installation. All the more reason to just throw the old liner out and start fresh.

Is it bad to have wrinkles in pool liner?

Liner wrinkles are part of owning a vinyl liner pool. … Liner wrinkles don’t usually cause serious problems, but they can be difficult to remove. Your best option is to catch them as the pool is being filled and keep your pool water in good condition—but if they do show up later, we’re here to help you clear them up.

Do dark pool liners make water warmer?

Deep Blue- A darker liner is more likely to absorb sunlight, and therefore can help to warm your pool water. Darker liners will also make it more difficult to see debris and dirt in your pool.

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Is a thicker pool liner better?

Thicker pool liners are more puncture resistant, true – but they also contain more resins and plasticizers, so… a thicker liner should withstand harsh water conditions and UV exposure better than thinner.

How do I replace my pool liner myself?

  1. Step 1: Drain the Pool. Most above ground pools don’t have a main drain, so using the filter pump to empty the pool is not usually possible. …
  2. Step 2: Remove the Liner. …
  3. Step 3: Floor and Wall Prep. …
  4. Step 4: Install New Liner. …
  5. Step 5: Set the Liner with a Vacuum. …
  6. Step 6: Fill the Pool. …
  7. Step 7: Reinstall Face Plates.

What do you put under pool liner?


  1. Things You Can Put Under Your Pool. Concrete Pads. Commercial Pads. Sand. Solid Foam. Carpet Padding. Flooring Underlayment.
  2. Conclusion.

Is it hard to install pool liner?

Learning how to install a swimming pool liner can easily save you $1,500 – $4000 dollars, depending on your swimming pools size and can be easily done with the help of a few friends! It’s really not that hard to do and with the proper measurements your liner will fit like a glove.

Is a light or dark pool liner better?

A lighter color shows more imperfections in a pool liner than a darker color, making dirt, scratches and marring on the liner more easily noticed. Water also can magnify this effect. A darker pool liner does a better job of hiding such imperfections, and so they are less easily noticed by guests.

Who makes the best pool liners?

Here are the best above ground pool liners you can buy:

  • Best overall: SmartLine Waves of Poseidon 24 Ft. Round Liner.
  • Best 24 ft pool liner: SmartLine Antilles Dolphin 24 Ft.
  • Best SmartLine pool liner: SmartLine Stone Harbor 12 Ft. by 24 Ft.
  • Best Swimline pool liner: In The Swim 24 Ft. Round Overlap.
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