How to remove impeller from hayward pool pump

Which way does the impeller turn?

Impellers must turn in a direction so that the fluid is pushed (not scooped) through the pump (see sample drawing below). Exceptions are pumps with straight vane impellers (vanes perpendicular to the shaft) and shrouded impellers. Straight vane impellers function in either direction.

Can I replace a 1hp pool pump with a 1.5 HP?

However, you can replace your 1.0 Full rated motor with a 1.5 HP uprated motor. This is because they both will have the same total horsepower. Don’t fret if your motor is not labeled uprated or full rated. In many cases, it may not be labeled at all.

How do you fix a Hayward Super pump?

Time to get down to business:

  1. Remove Motor From Pump. Unbolt motor assembly. …
  2. Secure Motor Shaft. Secure motor shaft from turning by sliding wrench on motor shaft. …
  3. Remove The Impeller. Remove impeller. …
  4. Remove The Shaft Seal. …
  5. Installing The New Shaft Seal. …
  6. Install Seal Plate and Impeller. …
  7. Re-installation of the Diffuser and Motor.

How do I remove the lid from my Hayward pool pump?

For a cartridge filter, simply depress the latches on the top of the filter tank. For DE and sand filters, use a wrench to loosen and remove the bolts securing the lid in place. All Hayward filters are equipped with a locking ring. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the locking ring.

How long does a pool pump impeller last?

8 to 12 years

How do you know when your pool pump needs to be replaced?

Your pump could be leaking water, or the bearings might need to be replaced instead of the entire motor. Screeching is also a sign that your motor bearings need to be replaced. These loud, often painful sounds could also be a sign of rust or oxidation, making it more difficult for the bearings to do their job.

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