Cartridge filter for swimming pool

How long does a cartridge filter last for a pool?

3 to 5 years

What is a cartridge filter for a swimming pool?

Cartridge Filters

Water flows into the tank and through the pleats. Debris as small as 10 microns is captured in the filter, then clean water heads back to the pool. Cartridges are energy efficient and inexpensive. As the filter collects contaminants, it’ll need cleaning.

What is the best pool cartridge filter?

What Is the Best Pool Filter Cartridge?

  • Best Overall: POOLPURE Replacement Pool Filter Cartridge. …
  • Best Budget: Pleatco PRB50-IN Spa Pool Filter Cartridge. …
  • Best Rated: Pool Cartridge Replacement for Pentair 520 Filter. …
  • Best Quality: Pentair R173216 150 SF Pool Filter Cartridge.

How much does a cartridge pool filter cost?

Pool Filter Cost by Type of FilterFilter typeAverage costFiltering capacityPocket$30-$10015 micronsCartridge$200-$1,60010-15 micronsSand$250-$1,20020-100 micronsGlass$500-$1,5009 microns

How often should a pool cartridge filter be cleaned?

every 6 months

Is it OK to run pool pump without filter cartridge?

You can run your pool pump without a filter cartridge. You can do this to maintain the circulation when the cartridge is dried up. However, you will have to ensure that you have removed the internal parts and the tank is properly reassembled. Also, you can remove the cartridge while cleaning the filter.

Are sand or cartridge pool filters better?

“Sand Filter” Vs.

The pool water filters through the sand, which catches debris and small particulates, and sends clean water back into the pool. Sand filters are less expensive initially than their cartridge counterparts, are easy to maintain, and only require filter media changes every 5-7 years (depending on usage).

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How big of a cartridge filter do I need for my pool?

Cartridge Filters

I have a rule of thumb for cartridge pool filters: 100 sq. ft. of filter surface area per 10,000 gallons of pool water, as a minimum.

Is De filter better than cartridge?

A DE filter will work better on smaller particles while a cartridge filter will work more efficiently with larger types of debris.

How long should I run my pool pump every day?

8 hours

Do you backwash a cartridge pool filter?

There is no backwash valve on a cartridge filter because cartridge filters aren’t built for backwards flow. Instead, the pump is shut off, air bleeder opened to drain the tank, lid removed, cartridge(s) removed, hosed thoroughly top to bottom, and replaced.

What is the best brand of pool equipment?

Who Makes the Best Pool Equipment Hayward, Jandy, Pentair or Off brands

  • Hayward Pool Products. Hayward isn’t as huge as Pentair and does not have the same marketing budget; however, they make great products as well. …
  • Jandy. …
  • Pentair/STA-RITE. …
  • Multiple Off-brand Companies.

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What can I soak my pool filter cartridge in?

If your filter element has a coating of algae, calcium carbonate (residue from calcium hypochlorite), iron or other minerals, we suggest you soak the cartridge in a solution of 1 part muriatic acid to 20 parts water, until all bubbling stops. Then, rinse the cartridge clean & reassemble the housing.

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