Harris county texas swimming pool regulations

Do you need a permit to build a pool in Texas?

Swimming pools are a nice addition to any residence and, as with all other types of development; a residential development permit is necessary for the construction of a swimming pool.

Do I have to have a fence around my pool in Texas?

As a general rule (at the time of this article) in the state of Texas, all public and residential pools must have: An enclosed fence surrounding the pool or yard that is at least 48” in height. No gaps between the ground and bottom of the fence that are more than 4”.

Are HOA pools considered public in Texas?

Most (but not all) HOA pools are considered private. Even if your pool is considered public, you only need to make ADA-compliant changes if they are “readily achievable.” Speak to your association’s attorney to find out what your HOA may need to do.

How close can a pool be to a house in Texas?

A swimming pool in residential zones or any zone used for residential purposes may occupy a portion of the required rear yard, but in no case shall the outer walls of the pool be less than five (5) feet from an interior side property line or rear property line or building or be less than ten (10) feet from any side …

Can you build a pool over a utility easement?

Building Hot Tubs and Pools on Easements

Above-ground hot tubs and pools are also subject to removal. In-ground pools are more problematic, not only because they cannot easily be removed but because they may interfere with in-ground easements. It would not be wise to put an above-ground hot tub or pool on an easement.

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Is there a law that you have to have a fence around the pool?

Swimming pools that are in ground, completely or partially, must be enclosed by a fence. … Outdoor spas and hot tubs have to be equipped with either a fence or a cover in most jurisdictions, again according to how deep the water is. Portable pools are usually not legally required to have a fence.

How much does your homeowners insurance go up with a pool?

According to Zacks Investment Research, insurance companies typically recommend increasing liability coverage from $100,000 to $500,000 when installing a swimming pool. In states where swimming pools aren’t standard, Zacks says, such an increase might add $50 to $75 to a homeowner’s insurance annual premium.

Does insurance require a fence around a pool?

Many insurance companies will require a pool fence in order to get coverage. Several states have fence requirements that say the minimum fence height needs to be at least four feet above the pool structure or four feet above the water level of a filled pool.

Can Hoa take your home in Texas?

If you default on HOA or COA dues and assessments in Texas, the association may foreclose. … If you don’t pay, in most cases the HOA or COA can get a lien on your property that could lead to a foreclosure.

Can the HOA come on my property?

As a general rule, members of the HOA are allowed to enter another person’s property only in emergencies, to inspect for rule violations, or to perform maintenance or repairs on a common element. Usually, the HOA is required to give sufficient prior notice before entering the homeowner’s property.

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Are diving boards illegal in Texas?

A new state code has all but outlawed the high dive. … The reason: Section L of Chapter 265 of the Texas Administrative Code, which prescribes clearances for diving boards, depths of water, and slopes of pool bottoms as they rise from deep end to shallow. The new rules became effective in September 2004.

How much space is needed around a pool?

Most people need between 600 and 900 square ft. of patio around a pool. That’s enough room for a table and chair set, some chaise lounges, and a comfortable walking space around the perimeter of the pool.

How far does a pool have to be from a fence?

Swimming pool fence placement

Swimming pools generally need to be at least 1000mm from the boundary. The boundary can be your backyard fence or a barrier that is suitable to be classified as a boundary fence.

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