Hocking hills swimming pool

Does Hocking Hills State Park have a swimming pool?

Not only does Hocking Hills State Park offer the finest natural features, but many modern, convenient facilities have also been added. … Hocking Hills Dining Lodge, located on SR 664 near Old Man’s Cave, offers a dining room open April through October, meeting rooms and an outdoor swimming pool open to the public.

Can you go swimming at Hocking Hills?

Swimming is prohibited in Hocking Hills State Park, so this is the place to swim if your lodging doesn’t have a pool.

Can you swim at Cedar Falls?

Lake Alma State Park, just half an hour south of the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, has two swimming beaches that are open to the public. The beaches are on the north side of the lake and swimming is permitted here during daylight hours only.

Does Hocking Hills have a lodge?

Hocking Hills, which includes Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls and other natural wonders, is the state’s most popular park, drawing about 2 million visitors a year. … The new facility will be built on the location of the old lodge, off of Ohio 664.

How much does it cost to go to Hocking Hills?

Ticket Prices: Adult – $24.00, Military – $22.00, VIP – $43.00, Child – $14.00, Senior – $22.00, VIP Child – $25.00 Captivating.

How much is it to camp at Hocking Hills?

We offer Private Primitive Campsites minutes from Hocking Hills State Parks. Prices start at $25, kids enjoy free. The most popular of all the Hocking areas is Old Man’s Cave, located on State Route 664.

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What should I bring to Hocking Hills?

17 Things to Pack for Your Hocking Hills Day Hike

  • 1) Sunscreen. Don’t let sunburn ruin the rest of your trip in the hills. …
  • 2) Insect Repellent. In the spring, summer and fall, Hocking Hills has mosquitoes, ticks, and all sorts of other pesky insects. …
  • 3) Water Bottle. …
  • 4) Lunch. …
  • 5) Snacks. …
  • 6) Sunglasses. …
  • 7) Hat. …
  • 8) Good Hiking Shoes.

What animals live in Hocking Hills?

There’s tons of Hocking Hills wildlife! The forests in our area create a great habitat for animals to thrive. The most prevalent species you will see are white-tailed deer, barred owls, ruffed grouse, and even bobcats.

Where is Devil’s Bathtub Hocking Hills?

The Devil’s Bathtub is a fascinating piece of streambed. It consists of a unique tiered waterfall located between the Upper Falls and Old Man’s Cave. The tub is situated in a weak layer of Blackhand sandstone and is constantly enlarged by the swirling action of Old Man’s Creek.

Why is it called the Devil’s Bathtub Ohio?

Over time, the noisy waters of the Devil’s Fork have carved a hole about 20 feet long and eight feet wide in solid rock. Dubbed “The Devil’s Bathtub,” the name fits: the 12-foot-deep depression in the creek bed is shaped just like a bathtub, and a small waterfall drips into the basin like a faucet.

Can you swim in Lake Logan?


Another way to enjoy the water at Lake Logan State Park is by swimming. There is a fantastic 527-foot swimming beach located on the north end of the lake!

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Why is Hocking Hills State Park closed?

It’s the first state park to fully close. Ohio health and parks officials on Friday decided to close Hocking Hills State Park and all of its trails effective at sunset Friday, citing concerns with the spread of coronavirus.

What towns are close to Hocking Hills?

Hocking County OH Cities, Towns, & Neighborhoods

  • Carbon Hill. Haydenville.
  • Hide-A-Way Hills. Laurelville*
  • Logan* Murray City*
  • Rockbridge.

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