Life is strange swimming pool

How do you hide the pool in life is strange?

Hide from Security in the Swimming Pool

After you are prompted to hide when a security guard enters the swimming pool, head through the locker room to the main entrance. After attempting to leave, Max and Chloe will take refuge in the girls’ locker room.

Is life is strange free on PC?

Currently, the free Life is Strange offer is available on Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Is there a life is strange 3?

Will there be a Life Is Strange season 3? Square Enix have not confirmed if there will be a Life Is Strange 3. … So, in short, a season 3 isn’t confirmed but the director and lead-writer both appear to be very much interested in continuing the series.

Where can I find soda can Life is strange?

Sugar – Found in the science lab on the teachers desk. Soda Can – Use the vending machine in the hallway to get a can. Duct Tape – This is found in the back of Mr. Jefferson’s classroom, by a printer.

Do Chloe and Max kiss in life is strange?

MAX and CHLOE KISS (SECRET ENDING) Life is Strange- Episode 5- Polarized (SAD Moments) SPOILERS.

Where do you hide in life is strange?

Life is Strange™

Out of curiosity how many of you found the hiding spot in Chloe’s room? If you didn’t know you had to open the closet, which causes the boxes to fall but then rewind time and move the lamp to the side. This stops the boxes from falling and so you can hide in the closet.

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Is Steamunlocked safe?

Is this site safe to download from? Yes. All files are 100% checked before release. There are no hidden malware and each game is pre-installed for you.

Do I need to play Life Is Strange 1 before 2?

I definitely recommend playing season 1 first, then playing BTS. When you start Season 2 it asks you if you have played Season 1 before, if you say no it will randomly determine what one scene should be like (if you say yes, that scene will be based on your decisions in the first game).

Is Life Is Strange 2 GOOD?

2 Life Is Strange 2 Is Better: Is Incredibly Relevant

The game doesn’t give you answers, but it certainly makes you see and reflect on the issues. The game is a great example of how well storytelling and empathy for others can be taught through video games.

Can you save Rachel in life is strange?

In the end, you learn that Rachel can’t be saved, and Chloe may be doomed as well, depending on how you play.

How long does it take to finish Life is strange?

Based on 1.9K User RatingsPlatformPolledLongestPlayStation 32919h 48mPlayStation 448540hXbox 3601221h 07mXbox One23932h 49m

Will we ever see Max and Chloe again?

Line from another interview: “A second season would work but the story of Max and Chloe is told, their character arcs are closed.” So there won’t be any continuations to Max’s story.

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