London olympic swimming pool

How much is it to swim at the Olympic Park?

2017 – 2018 Activity PricesActivities For Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Better Members2017/18 PricesAdult Swim – Peak including lane and family swims£4.20Adult Swim – Off Peak£3.90Junior Swim – Peak£2.60Junior Swim – Off Peak£2.00

Can you swim at the Olympic Park?

Public swimming

The iconic London Aquatics Centre is like swimming in no other pool in the world. After hosting the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games, the world-class venue is open for you to use. We have three pools to choose from, which offer a range of swimming and diving suitable for adults and children.

How deep is the pool at the London Aquatic Center?

The 50-m pool is 3 metres deep, like the one in the Beijing National Aquatics Center, in order to be fast. Its floor can be moved to reduce its depth. There are also moveable booms that allow its size to be changed. The diving pool has platform boards at heights of 3 m, 5 m, 7.5 m, and 10 m and three 3m springboards.

Can you swim in the Olympic pool London?

This Olympic-sized, 50-metre pool has ten lanes and is up to three metres deep, making it ideal for confident and experienced swimmers. In day to day operation, the competition pool offers lane swimming for competent swimmers only – you should be able to swim 100m in a recognised stroke to use this pool.

How long is an Olympic pool?

50 metres

Is there parking at the London Aquatic Centre?

The London Aquatics Centre is in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London. … There are 111 Pay & Display car parking spaces in the car park located next to the London Aquatics Centre. Otherwise, there is plenty of parking available in nearby Westfield.

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What happened to the 2012 Olympic stadium?

The Olympic Stadium’s capacity was reduced after the conclusion of the Games and Premier League side West Ham United became controversial tenants after a series of delays to its reopening. … The stadium still hosts athletics events, including the 2017 World Championships.

How deep is an Olympic diving pool?

For a three-meter springboard or five-meter platform, the water depth must be 12.5 feet (4 meters) deep, and 16 feet (5 meters) deep for a 10-meter platform. These pool depths are always listed either on the pool deck or on the side of the pool. The diving well for Olympic diving must be at least five meters deep.

Do Olympic pools have shallow end?

The 50m competition pool where Michael Phelps won four gold medals during 2012 is out of bounds to beginners because it has no shallow end. The majority of the “leisure swimmers” using the complex will be restricted to the practice pool which sits outside the main complex.

How many swimming pools are in London?


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