Marsh creek swimming pool

Can you swim at Marsh Creek?

Swimming is prohibited in Marsh Creek Lake.

Additional information about the pool, pavilion, and swimming lessons is available from the Marsh Creek Swimming Pool ComplexOpens In A New Window at 610-458-8535.

How deep is Marsh Creek pool?

With an average depth of 40 feet (73 feet at its deepest), the lake is stocked with fish and is a stop for migrating waterfowl. Marsh Creek State Park is 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Eagle on Pennsylvania Route 100.

What is there to do at Marsh Creek State Park?

  • Sledding.
  • XC Skiing.
  • Ice Skating.
  • Hiking.
  • Picnicking.
  • Swimming.
  • Wildlife Watch.
  • Boating.

Can you swim in French Creek?

Swimming is offered at the swimming pool by Hopewell Lake, from 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, unless otherwise posted. Swimming is prohibited in either lake. …

Is there a town under Marsh Creek?

Milford Mills was a village in the Marsh Creek Valley of Chester County, Pennsylvania that was inundated by the construction of the Marsh Creek Dam in 1972.

How far is Marsh Creek?

The Marsh Creek Regional Trail, in easternmost Contra Costa County, winds along Marsh Creek through bountiful tracts of farmland. The paved, multi-use trail is about 6.5 miles long and extends from Creekside Park in Brentwood to the wave-lapped Delta shores of Big Break.

Where is Marsh Creek Lake?

Marsh Creek LakeLocationChester County, PennsylvaniaCoordinates40.07°N 75.73°WCoordinates:40.07°N 75.73°WTypereservoirPrimary inflowsMarsh Creek

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