Round above ground swimming pool

What is the best above ground swimming pool?

Under $500

  • Sun Squad 10′ x 22” Deluxe Rectangular Inflatable Above Ground Pool ($34;
  • Sun Squad 7.5′ x 27” Family Above Ground Pool with Bench ($45;
  • Funboy Mini Inflatable Pool ($59;
  • Sable Inflatable Pool ($119.99;
  • Intex Soft Side Pool ($28.67;

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What is the biggest round above ground pool?


  • There are primarily three different above ground pool wall heights available on the market today. They are 48″, 52″ and 54″ walls with the 54″ above ground pool being the tallest and newest design of the three. …
  • There are essentially two classes of resin above ground pools. There’s Resin and Resin Hybrid. …
  • H.I.I.

Are above ground pools Permanent?

They are a long term option, as traditional above ground pools can easily last 15 – 20 years if well maintained. This type of above ground pool is an affordable option for a permanent pool as compared to inground pools – often with the above ground pool kits starting at $3,000.

How much is a 24 ft above ground pool?

Cost of an Above-ground Pool by Size and DepthSizeCost12-ft by 24-ft by 52-inches deep$2,000-$5,00024-ft round by 54-inches deep$2,500-$4,00016-ft by 32-ft by 54-inches deep$3,500-$6,00033-ft round by 54-inches deep$4,000-$7,000

Can you put an above ground pool on grass?

Above ground pools can be installed in the space of a few hours and can be set up on sand, ground cloth, concrete or directly on your lawn. Preparing the ground is an essential step to help protect the bottom of your pool from tears and punctures.

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Are above ground swimming pools worth it?

Above ground pools are generally less expensive than in-ground pools. They require less installation, excavation, supply and labor costs. … Keep in mind that you will have to buy chemicals and treat your pool so it is safe for swimming. Look into the different degrees of dedication the pool varieties require.

Can you partially bury an above ground pool?

The short answer is yes, but the longer answer involves several conditions. Not just any pool can be buried, and not just in any area, and not just to any shape or depth. First, you need to make sure your above ground pool is built to be buried, as not all are.

Are above ground pools trashy?

In ground pools are associated with wealth. Above ground pools therefore seem like you’re trying to look wealthy but cant afford it. … Also, a pool is generally a bad investment, and people who make bad decisions are usually associated with “trashy”.

Can you make an above ground pool look nice?

While above ground pools can look tacky without the proper deck, they can look just as nice as an inground pool when attention to certain details are applied. And although it was quite sickening to have to demolish our old pool and purchase a new one (along with a new deck), it was totally worth it.

What should I put under my above ground pool to level?

Things You Can Put Under Your Pool

  1. Concrete Pads. Concrete pads are excellent to use as a base for your above ground pool, but you’ll want to add another cushion between the two. …
  2. Commercial Pads. …
  3. Sand. …
  4. Solid Foam. …
  5. Carpet Padding. …
  6. Flooring Underlayment.
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How long does an above ground pool last?

The average above ground pool will last 7–15 years before the structure gives out. Their liners will last 5–9 years before they have to be replaced. For an in-ground structure, the longevity really is contingent on the type of pool. For example, fiberglass should last well over 20 years.

How much does it cost to put in an above ground pool with a deck?

The average cost of an above ground pool with deck installed is $2,500 to $11,200 depending upon the size and height of the pool. The cost to build a deck around an above-ground pool is $15 to $30 per square foot depending upon the design and materials used.

How deep is a 24 ft round pool?

This round framed pool is 24 feet in diameter and 52 inches deep.

How much does it cost to maintain an above ground pool?

Monthly Costs

Once the pool is installed, there are costs for routine maintenance. Owners use chlorine and care for the pool by brushing and vacuuming. Plan on spending between $90 and $100 a month to maintain the pool chemically.

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