Swimming pool drain cover replacement

How often do pool drain covers need to be replaced?

Drain cover manufacturers are required to provide the consumer with information that tells them when the drain cover must be replaced before they begin to crack or show other signs of failure. Many manufacturers have designated a life span of 5 years, others up to 10 years.

How do I measure my pool drain cover?

Put two strips of electricians tape on the “scoop” edge of your pool basket, separated by 6-3/8” inches as pictured below. From the side of the pool, place the basket “scoop” edge over your pool drain to measure the distance between the holes on the pool drain cover.

How do you clean a pool drain cover?

At that point you can try soaking the drain cover in a 50/50 bleach/water mix until it returns to white. You can also try scrubbing the cover with a Magic Eraser. Mr. Clean makes the Magic Eraser but there are also generic versions.

Why Are pool drains dangerous?

Because pool drains use suction to filter things out of the water, they put people at risk for entrapment. If a small, light person gets too close to a pool drain, they can become trapped underwater, which can lead to a host of injuries including accidental drowning.29 мая 2019 г.

Do you need a main drain in a swimming pool?

Main drains are not required in an inground swimming pool, however, they are strongly recommended and can be extremely useful in some circumstances. The advantages of main drains are to give you the ability to drain the water from your pool without the use of a sump pump.

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What is a VGB drain cover?

While checking drains is not something that many people think about, it is critical to ensure that all pools and spas have drain covers that are compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB Act) to avoid entrapment hazards, which occur when powerful suction from the water circulation system in a …

How long are VGB drain covers good for?


What is an anti vortex drain cover?

The anti-vortex drain cover complies with new Federal laws to help prevent swimmers from being trapped underwater due to excessive suction created by the pump and drain combination. Drain cover measures 7⅝” diameter outside, 6⅞” center (diameter between screw holes).

How is a pool drained?

During normal operation, water flows to the filtering system through two or more main drains at the bottom of the pool and multiple skimmer drains around the top of the pool. The main drains are usually located on the lowest point in the pool, so the entire pool surface slants toward them.

Do you have to drain a pool to change the light?

If you can reach the screw holding the light assembly in place from outside the pool, you don’t have to get into the pool to change the light. Do I have to drain a pool to change the light bulb? You do not have to drain the pool if you can remove the light assembly.

What kind of pump do I need to drain my pool?

Quietly and quickly drain your pool or pond in a matter of hours with the EZ Travel Submersible Drain Pump. This pump is perfect for emptying water tanks, ponds, pools, hot tubs, low lying flooded areas, and more.

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