Swimming pool equipment covers

Should pool equipment be covered?

First of all, you do not have to enclose your pool equipment (pump, filter, heater). … As long it is taken care of and properly winterized at time of pool closing, it need not be covered.

What do you put around pool equipment?

Walls. Wood: Always a go-to material for outdoor enclosures, wood blends in well in outdoor spaces and is a great option for a wall to block your pool equipment. It can be left natural, painted, stained, or even be wood that was rescued from other projects or structures.

Can you run the pump with the pool cover on?

If you’re keeping almost all debris out with a cover, the filtration need is all but eliminated. Pumps also serve to “stir” the water, which helps distribute chemicals better throughout the pool, minimizing localized algae blooms, etc. You may find one or possibly two one hour runs per day is enough with the cover on.

What do you do with your pool when it rains?

Just let the pool drain until it’s back at the normal level. You won’t need to worry too much about your calcium or CYA (Cynauric Acid) levels — these are not greatly affected by the rain besides dilution.

Where should I put my pool equipment?

This basic equipment usually takes up an area approximately 4’x4′. It is usually located within 40’or 50′ of the pool, but could be further away if needed.

  • Pick an inconspicuous place. …
  • Locate equipment at the house if possible. …
  • Try to keep the equipment at the level of the pool or lower. …
  • Stay close to the pool.
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Is pool equipment loud?

Any standard swimming pool pump churns within the range of 65–90 decibels. This is almost as loud as riding a motorcycle. It works as a detrimental factor to outdoor pool enjoyment. Even a 10% decrease in the pool pump sound can improve the situation to a large extent.

How many hours a day should you run a pool pump?

12 hours

Should I run my pool pump in the rain?

Should you run pool pump when it is raining? Unless there is any chance of a thunderstorm then running the pump when it is raining won’t really matter one way or the other. Potentially there could be contaminants in the rain so these might be removed more easily if the pool pump is running.

How do you hide a pool with plants?

If you want to soften the backyard, add bushy bushes and fluffy grasses to hide your pool equipment and reduce pump noise. Just be sure to give lots of room for the plants to grow, without blocking sunlight and air flow to the equipment. Or if needed, grasses and bushes can be easily pruned, any time of year.

How do I quiet my neighbors pool pump?

14 Effective Ways How to Quiet a Noisy Pool Pump

  1. Raise the Water Level in Your Pool.
  2. Clean Out the Skimmer Baskets.
  3. Empty the Pump Basket.
  4. Level the Pool Pump and Filter.
  5. Install Vibration Pads.
  6. Tighten the Mounting Screws/Bolts.
  7. Clean the Impeller on Your Pool Pump.
  8. Replace Worn Out Bearings/Rebuild Pump Motor.

How much room do you need for pool equipment?

Although there is no way to determine exactly how much room you need without knowing the size of your pool, Midwest Fiberglass Pool Distributors notes that the average pool owner should set aside a patch of ground approximately 4 feet square for a built-in pool’s pump and filter system.

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