Swimming pool maintenance certification

How do you get certified to clean a pool?

Certification can be achieved by either attending a 2-day class taught by an NSPF ® Certified Instructor or the combination of Pool Operator Primer® and Pool Operator Fusion®. Pass the open book exam and earn CPO® Certification. Check out our schedule for the next class in your area.

How long is a CPO certification good for?

five years

Is the CPO test hard?

Since the exam is open book, the real hurdle to get over is time management. … For many, the math sections of the CPO® certification test are the most difficult and time-consuming. In this case, it would be best to skip over the math questions and answer every ‘easy’ question first.

What is CPO maintenance?

Certified Pool & Spa Operator (CPO) Certification Program. CPO® Certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.

How many pools can you clean in a day?

A good question, but difficult to answer. The average pool tech will clean approximately 20 full service pools a day. Some pool techs will clean 25 to 30 in a day. It depends on the individual, what type of pools he or she is cleaning and automation used by the pool tech and pool owner.

How profitable is a pool cleaning business?

How much profit can a pool cleaning business make? A pool service business owner will make about $50 to $60 per hour cleaning pools. Working full time, this comes to $2,000 to $2,400 per week. (There may not be full-time work available in the offseason).

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What is the meaning of CPO?

chief procurement officer

How do I market my pool cleaning business?

Local marketing opportunities for pool maintenance business owners

  1. Partner with local pool supply stores. Talk to pool supply stores in your area. …
  2. Get your pool business listed on local search directories. …
  3. Optimize your website for local search.

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What is a CPO property?

A compulsory purchase order (CPO) is a legal function in the United Kingdom and Ireland that allows certain bodies to obtain land or property without the consent of the owner.

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