Swimming pool pebble finish

How long does a Pebble Tec finish last?

Durability: A Pebble Tec surface should last 20+ years with the proper care and maintenance. A plaster pool should be re-plastered approximately every 5 years.

What is the best finish for a swimming pool?

white plaster

How much does it cost to Pebble Sheen a pool?

The three primary types of pool surfaces and the cost per square foot are: white plaster – $4 per square foot. aggerate/quartz finish – $5 per square foot. pebble finish – $10 per square foot.

Is Pebble Tec waterproof?

With Pebble Tec® Your Design Choices Are Unlimited.

It also serves as the waterproofing membrane and provides a smooth comfortable finish to relax on. We are proud to offer both standard plaster finishes and the extraordinary Pebble Tec® finish.

Is Pebble Tec expensive?

Pebble Tec pool surfaces are more expensive. Compared to plaster, Pebble Tec is more expensive due to the high quality pool resurfacing material it uses. … Pebble Tec pools are a little rougher on your feet than plaster. However, depending on the Pebble Tec you choose, some are smoother than others.

What is better Pebble Tec or Pebble Sheen?

Pebble Tec is made of natural, polished pebbles that create a bumpy texture and a nonslip surface. … Pebble Sheen incorporates the same technology as Pebble Tec, but uses smaller pebbles for a slicker finish.

What is the longest lasting pool finish?


Is Pebble Tec better than plaster?

While plaster is much less expensive compared to Pebble Tec®, it has a few drawbacks to be aware of. It is highly susceptible to discoloring, staining, and harboring bacteria due to the porous nature of the material. As a result, more chemicals are required to maintain a balanced water chemistry in a plaster pool.

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How often should you Replaster your pool?

every ten years

How much does it cost to Replaster a 20 000 gallon pool?

Cost to Resurface or Replaster a Pool by FinishFinishCost (includes labor)*Plaster$5,500Aggregate (rough)$6,000Aggregate (smooth)$7,500Pebble$9,000

How do you fix a crack in a Pebble Tec pool?

Pool Pebble Instructions

  1. Lower water below repair area.
  2. Remove loose cement and chip area down a minimum of a ¼ inch deep.
  3. Add 2 oz. …
  4. Add water and mix until a putty consistency is achieved.
  5. CRACK REPAIRS – Apply POOL PATCH into crack and wipe off excess material with a moist sponge.

What is the best pool resurfacing material?

Choosing the Best Material for Pool Resurfacing

  • Plaster. Plaster is the most common pool resurfacing material because it is the cheapest. …
  • Pebble. This resurfacing material is actually a mixture of rock pebbles and plaster, although pebbles cover most of the surface. …
  • Concrete. If you favor durability over aesthetics, then concrete is a good material for resurfacing.

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What is the most popular Pebble Tec Color?

PebbleSheen® – the most popular pool finish is similar to PebbleTec® The Original, but offers smaller pebbles for a more refined texture.

The color options available are:

  • Deep Dark Blue Water.
  • Dark Blue Water.
  • Medium Blue Water.
  • Green Water.
  • Teal Water.
  • Light Blue Water.

What happens if you pee in a pool?

When this urine comes into contact with chlorine, it creates chloramines, which is what’s giving off the odor. When your eyes burn while swimming, that’s another sign of trouble. Cyanogen chloride is a chemical created when someone pees in a pool. It’s a toxic chemical that causes your eyes to burn.

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