Swimming pool tanning ledge

How deep should a tanning ledge be?

approximately nine inches

What is a pool tanning ledge?

A tanning ledge is an addition to your swimming pool that consists of a raised platform or area within the water that is extremely shallow. … You’ll have to talk to your pool builder about the size, depth, and features that will meet your needs when you add a tanning ledge to your swimming pool.

Can you have a tanning ledge in a vinyl pool?

So, if you’re feeling like a vinyl liner pool is for you, a tanning ledge is possible, but you need to be aware of some issues: Durability is a concern. One of the biggest joys of a tanning ledge is the ability to put a ledge lounging chair on it for maximum water-to-sun relaxation potential.

How much does it cost to add a tan ledge to a pool?

Fiberglass. Choosing a fiberglass pool shell with a tanning ledge built-in will add around $370 more for installation. The cost to buy a separate fiberglass tanning ledge can be between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on if it’s elevated.

What is the best depth for a swimming pool?

Swimming pools should have a minimum depth of three feet to accommodate for both adults and children, and a maximum depth of four to five feet, for safety. For diving, you will need deeper. If you have a family of swimmers who swim laps, the minimum depth of five feet is necessary as well as a length of 25 meters.

Can a swimming pool be made smaller?

Yes, making a pool smaller is very common, there may be some limits to what can be done as you should only reduce areas that are capable of withstanding the additional weight placed on the pool structure. Most commonly, older pools may have lots of curved areas and little sections that may be cut off on an angle.

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What is a zero depth entry pool?

Essentially, a beach entry pool, or zero entry pool, is an inground swimming pool designed with an entry that has a very slight slope into the pool, providing you with a long, slow, gradual entry. … So, for every seven feet in distance, the pool can have no more than one foot in depth.

What is a sun deck pool?

With water just about as deep as a kiddie pool, but with much more room to play, the sun deck allows tiny swimmers to splash around and play in a comfortable depth of water. Of course swim vests are still required since the deeper parts of the pool are accessible from the sun deck.

What is a Baja pool?

A Baja shelf is an expansive shallow-water step that serves as an entry point into a swimming pool. Typically, the shelf is submerged 8-16 inches. A Baja shelf may also be called a Baja step, Acapulco shelf, tanning ledge, Shamu shelf, shallow reef step, thermal ledge or a sun shelf.

Is a fiberglass pool better than a liner pool?

A fiberglass pool will save you money on electricity as compared to a vinyl liner pool. It does need as much cleaning, so the pumps 6 only run for 4 to 6 hours a day, less than the recommended time for a vinyl liner pool. This can make a big difference in annual maintenance costs.

Is a Baja shelf worth it?

Whatever the price is, consider the fact that a Baja shelf could help you get more use out of your pool. It allows you to relax in the water without having to change into your swimsuit or maneuver yourself onto a pool float.

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Can dogs rip pool liners?

Dogs and Pool Damage

If you have a fiberglass or cement-lined pool, you dog will not cause damage. You can let them swim in these pools to their heart’s content without worry about damage. If you have a vinyl-lined pool, on the other hand, exercise some caution.

How do you Modernise a kidney shaped pool?

You basically knock the bond beam off and pour a new pool within it. The classic kidney or B-shape pools built back in those days usually have three straight sides, so you pour a new wall at the narrowest point to make it more geometric.”

How do you modernize a pool?

Of course, your budget will also come into play.

  1. Restoring the basics. Replace tile. …
  2. Increasing decorative elements around your pool. Apply mosaics. …
  3. Improving functionality of your backyard resort. Install slide or diving board. …
  4. Modernizing your pool’s technology. Change purification. …
  5. Addressing your patio. Replace decking.

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