Swimming pool winterizing kits

Do I need a pool winterizing kit?

You do not need a pool winterizing kit. … You really only need one chemical (algaecide) to properly winterize a swimming pool. You need some other stuff to protect your pool from harsh winter conditions, but only one chemical to add when closing.

What chemicals do you use to winterize a pool?

What Chemicals are Needed to Close a Pool?

  • Chlorine Free Pool Shock: Add 2 days before closing the pool.
  • Stain & Scale Treatment: Add 1 day before closing the pool.
  • Winter Algaecide: Pour into the pool just before covering.
  • Winter Floater: Place into the pool just before covering.

Can you winterize an easy set pool?

Winterizing. Intex recommends winterizing your pool if you are in a warmer climate but will not use the pool and advises cleaning the pool water beforehand. Take such steps as removing the skimmer and strainer and plugging the inlets and outlets.

How do you winterize pool?

Winter Closing

  1. Balance the water chemistry. …
  2. Remove skimmer baskets, wall fittings, cleaners, solar blankets and ladders from the pool. …
  3. Clean the pool. …
  4. Lower the water level in the pool. …
  5. Drain all pool equipment. …
  6. Lubricate the o-rings on equipment. …
  7. Winterize plumbing to and from the pool.

Why did my pool turn green over winter?

Pools open green when the winter cover is not keeping out debris, the water chemistry is poor, and there is inadequate sanitizer. Even if you open late, and even if you have a mesh safety cover – you can skip the stains and discoloration by avoiding these problems with the pool cover and the winter water chemistry.

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Is it OK to leave a pool uncovered in winter?

No, but winter covers protect your pool from stains, algae growth and poor water balance that could damage pool surfaces. … However, if you want to close the pool, but keep it uncovered all winter, or if you need to delay purchasing a new cover until next fall – here are the steps we took to do it for our customer above.

How do I keep my pool from freezing in the winter?

Follow these 6 steps to close your pool in areas with frequent hard freezes:

  1. Properly balance pool water. …
  2. Lower the water level to below the skimmer.
  3. Clear pipes and equipment of water using a blower or compressor and plug the pipes at the pool.
  4. Add swimming pool antifreeze to the lines to prevent freezing.

Do above ground pools freeze in the winter?

Yes, saltwater pools will also freeze solid during winter. The added salt however will allow the pool to remain liquid a few degrees below 32°, but it will freeze solid too, just like a non saltwater pool.

Can you leave steps in above ground pool for winter?

We strongly recommend pool ladders and steps be removed from the swimming pool during the off season (winter months). For safety reasons this also applies to pools located in warmer climates. Unsupervised access to the pool must not be allowed. Carefully lift the pool ladder or step over the pool wall.

What is included in a pool closing kit?

The closing kits have everything you need to winterize your pool!

Pool Chemical Features:

  • Standard Kit includes 1lbs of Fresh ‘N Clear, 1pt of Algae Control, 1pt of Metal Free, and 1 WinterPill.
  • Deluxe Kit includes 2lbs of Fresh ‘N Clear, 1pt of Algae Control, 1 Stain & Scale Pill, and 1 WinterPill.
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What is in a Winter Pool Closing kit?

All of our In The Swim Pool Winter Kits Include:

  • Chlorine-free Shock. Our chlorine-free shock is a powerful oxidizing agent, but is non-chlorine, and will never harm your pool surfaces or your pool cover. …
  • Time-Release Winter Floater. …
  • Winter Stain Away. …
  • Winterizer. …
  • Winter Sorb.

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